Ahwatukee Lightning Lacrosse promotes amateur boys' youth lacrosse and supports the growth and development of the game in the Phoenix area..

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  1. Committees
  1. Per the By-Laws of the Club, two standing committees exist: The Nominating Committee and the Finance Committee.
  1. The Nominating Committee is chaired by the Vice-President and is comprised of at least two other Board members. It is responsible for recruiting and vetting candidates for election to the Board.
  1. The Finance Committee is responsible for creating the budget for the Club. It is chaired by the Treasurer.


  1. Other committees may be created or dissolved as necessary by the Board. Ad hoc committees should be chaired by a member of the Board, and may be comprised of either Voting Members and Non-Voting Members, as needed. Common committees include the following:
  1. The Coaching Committee is responsible for recruiting, training, and managing the coaching staff, including both paid and volunteer parent coaches.  This committee is chaired by an at-large Board member designated as the Director of Coaching.  The committee is also comprised of at least one other Board member.


  1. The Operations Committee is responsible for the Club’s equipment, including management of equipment storage facilities and transport of equipment. The Operations Committee is also responsible for the purchase of practice and game uniforms and spirit wear.  The Operations Committee is chaired by a Board member designated as the Equipment Manager.


  1. The Events Committee is responsible for all Club social and fundraising events, including home game concessions, family meetings, Members’ meetings, and end-of-year celebrations.  The chair of the Events Committee will be designated as the Events Coordinator.


  1. The Outreach Committee will develop plans for recruiting new players, partnering with other clubs, and organizing new player clinics. The chair of the Outreach Committee will be designated as Outreach Director.


  1. The Discipline Committee oversees all matters related to Code of Conduct violations.  The Discipline Committee is chaired by the President.
  1. Finance
  1. The Treasurer is the chief financial officer of the Club. He or She must be one of the signatories on the Club’s bank account. At least one other Officer should be a signatory on the bank account. The Annual Budget for the Club will be prepared in August by the Finance Committee. The budget must then be approved by the Board.
  1. The Treasurer (or a designated agent) is responsible for all financial transactions, including payments and deposits.
  1. Deposits should be made within one week of receipt.
  1. Non-budgeted expenditures over $500 must be approved by the Board.  Non-budgeted expenditures between $200 and $500 must be approved by the co-signatory on the account.  Non-budgeted expenditures less than $200 do not require approval.
  1. A Treasurer’s Report that provides a detailed account of income and expenditures will be presented at all Regular Meetings of the board, as well as at the Annual Meeting.


  1. Selection and Oversight of Coaches
  1. Coaches at all levels will be approved by the Board. All coaches must e USL members in good standing, have completed a USL background check, and have completed concussion awareness training.
  1. All Head Coaches must have completed the USL Level 1 Coaching Certification.
  1. Coaches who are the parents or guardians of currently registered players should not receive a salary; however, their registration fees may be waived, at the Board’s discretion.
  1. Other coaches may receive a modest salary, as determined by the Board, per the recommendations of the Coaching Committee and the Finance Committee.  These stipends are paid out at the mid-point and end of the season.


  1. Waiver and Exemption Policies for Out-of-Boundary Players
  1. Per the By-Laws of the Club and AYL policies, players who do not reside or attend school within the AYL-determined boundaries for Ahwatukee Lacrosse may register as players, with the following restrictions:
    1. Players whose parents or guardians are approved coaches are exempt from the boundary restrictions.  The parent coach must also complete the USL Level 1 Certification.
    2. All other out-of-bounds players must receive an approved waiver from the AYL board, per AYL policies.
    3. No more than two waivers will be allowed per age division.
    4. Waivers are not automatically renewed – they must be submitted for approval by the AYL every season.
    5. Any player who is found in violation of the Code of Conduct will automatically have his waiver or exemption revoked.


  1. Roster Assignments
  1. Players are assigned to rosters by Head Coaches, in accordance with the following policies and best practices:
    1. Players are initially assigned to an age division on the basis of their birthdate and the age division cut-off date determined by the AYL (which is typically the last day of the Spring Season).
    2. Players who are unusually skilled or gifted may, at the discretion of a Head Coach, be invited to “play up,” or in the next highest age division. The primary considerations of this decision are 1) player safety; and 2) player satisfaction.
    3. No player may be allowed to “play down” to a lower age division. Doing so would violate USL policies and jeopardize our liability protection.
  2. In age divisions where the number of registered players warrant the creation of more than one team, players will be assigned to either a “competitive” or “development” team on the basis of their size, skill, athletic ability, motivation, and ability to fully commit to the practice and game schedule.  The roster assignments are fully the responsibility of the Head Coach for each age division.


  1. Communications
  1. The President should maintain frequent and consistent communication with the Members.

  2. Game schedules should be posted to the Club web site as soon as they are available.

  3. Notice of canceled practices should be sent via email and text at least two hours before the scheduled start of practice.

  4. Notice of overdue fees should be sent to members bi-weekly.


  1. Financial Aid
  1. The Club will offer financial aid to players who would not otherwise be able to afford the registration fees.
  2. Financial aid is granted at the discretion of the Board and may provide a partial or full waiver of fees or allow a payment plan to be established.
  3. Members who receive financial aid are strongly encouraged to participate in fund raising activities and events for the Club.
  4. Out-of-boundary players who receive a waiver are not eligible for financial aid.
  5. Any player who receives financial aid and is later found in violation of the Code of Conduct will have his financial aid revoked and will be ineligible for future financial aid.


  1. Disciplinary Action​
  1. The Club will require all Players, Coaches, and Members to agree to a Code of Conduct.Any Player, Coach, or Member who is found by the Board to be in violation of the Code of Conduct may be subject to the following:
    1. Players or Coaches may be expelled from the Club for current and future seasons.
    2. Coaches may be removed from the coaching staff.
    3. Members may be temporarily or permanently suspended from games and all Club events.
  2. The punishment for a violation of the Code of Conduct will be determined by the Board at a Special or Regular Meeting. The Player, Coach, or Member in question may be asked to come before the Board, and the Player, Coach, or Member may be allowed to appeal a decision.  Repeated violations of the Code of Conduct warrant the most severe punishments.